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Residential Appliance Efficiency

Residential Appliance Efficiency Online Training & Certification

Continuing Education Approvals

Residential Appliance Efficiency can be used for continuing education credits in Indiana, Kansas, New Hampshire, West Virginia, & Wisconsin

While the primary focus of a residential energy audit focuses on the exterior shell of a house, homeowners also have significant opportunities to improve the internal energy efficiency of their homes.  By arming yourself with this information, you will be better able to address the concerns of your customers and increase the value of the service you provide. 

In the Residential Appliance Efficiency Course, you will learn about the ENERGY STAR program and EnergyGuide labels as well as residential systems and home appliances that present opportunities for energy savings.  Upon completion of this course, you will have the information needed to advise homeowners on steps they can take to reduce their annual energy costs and access to calculators that for estimating the cost savings of appliance replacement.

imageResidential Appliance Efficiency Course is perfect for any building professional who want to help their customers reduce appliance energy costs. 

The course generally takes about 10 hours to complete and can be taken online or on the interactive CD-ROM you receive in the mail.

Take this course separately for $295.00 or purchase as part of the Certified Energy Auditor Package for $695.

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Residential Appliance Efficiency $295.00

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