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PHII Online Weatherization Training
Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals

Learning Management

Training groups, large or small, has never been this easy.  When you purchase course packages for a group of contractors or agency staff, we provide our web based learning management system FREE.  Using the BOI Learning Management System,image group training programs are set up with a few simple points and clicks.  Instead of shuffling papers, all of the information you need is at your finger tips.

You can...
  • Assign Courses - giving each potential student access to the course(s) that he or she needs.
  • Monitor Progress - checking quiz and exam scores as the students move through the courses.
  • Verify Completion - viewing, printing and electronically saving copies of their course certificates for your records.
This unique feature, available to employers and group training coordinators, allows you to manage, monitor and document student progress through a web based system.

Benefits of an Interactive Learning Management System for Weatherization:
  • Training coordinators can assign coursework quickly and easily, allowing student to begin courses almost immediately.
  • Students and administrators are able to communicate directly as they are taking the courses.
  • Detailed progress reports available in real time or in aggregate.
  • Qualified PHII training support staff are available 12 hours a day.
For more information, call Be Online Inc at 800 983 6322 and talk to a representative about your group training needs.