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PHII Online Weatherization Training
Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals

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The links below have been added for additional information on weatherization or related online training courses.

Home Inspection Courses
Professional Home Inspection Institute's main website offers interactive home inspector training online or on CD-ROM. They offer the most interactive home inspector courses available online!

Mold Inspection / Mold Remediation Courses
Professional Mold Inspection Institute is a division of PHII that specializes in mold inspection / mold assessment training online and on CD-ROM. They offer courses and course packages that cover residential mold inspection, commercial mold inspection, and mold remediation.

Infrared Camera / Thermal Inspection Training Courses Online has course packages for infrared or thermal imaging certifications.  These courses teach you how to use an infrared camera to discover problems with insulation, ventilation, and also cover insulation remediation techniques.

National Society of Home Inspectors
NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors is one of four nationally recognized non-profit home inspector associations in the US.  The weatherization courses have been approved by NSHI for continuing education. 

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Sharon McGaha:
07-14-2014 3:25pm

I am looking for someone to come and inspect my home from the last person who did my weatherization for leaks and dust as well as fiberglass in my air vents and heat pump keeps going out.
Ronnie Stallings:
01-17-2011 2:15pm

Im looking for info on adding the weatherization services to our well established building, remodeling, and insurance restoration company. Thank you for any help that may be provided. Ronnie Stallings Stallings National Enterprises Inc.