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PHII Online Weatherization Training
Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals


When awarding bids, homeowners and local weatherization agencies need to know that the contractor has the fundamental knowledge required to complete the work and do it well.  Not all contractors who build houses understand current weatherization practices.  As more money is invested in weatherization work, you are ideally positioned to expand your business.  image

Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII)
offers a Weatherization Contractor certification program that will improve the chances that your bid is selected on local weatherization projects. 
In fact, some local weatherization programs are requiring certification before they will allow contractors to participate in their competitive bid process.  Don't delay- begin your training today with the Weatherization Contractor Package or any of the individual courses listed below!

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation
Hours: 24  |  Type:  Distance / Online  |  More Details

This is the foundation course for weatherization contractors.  This comprehensive training course includes information on proper insulation installation, procedures to remediate insulation gaps or defects and industry best practices for sealing air leaks.

Manufactured Home Weatherization
Hours: 12  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

To weatherize a manufactured home you need to know how they were constructed.  This requires an understanding of HUD codes and how they have changed over the years in addition to the unique features of a manufactured home that impact weatherization.  Local weatherization programs often need contractors with specific knowledge on weatherizing manufactured homes.  This course provides all the information you need to provide weatherization services on manufactured homes.

Residential Appliance Efficiency
Hours: 10  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

Every interaction you have with a homeowner is an opportunity to sell energy efficiency.  This course addresses the systems inside the home and gives you simple money saving steps that you can pass along to your customers.

Energy Auditing Diagnostics
Hours: 20  |  Type:  Distance / Online  |  More Details

The more you know about the audit process, the better able you will be to implement the weatherization measures called for in the work plan.  Auditors and contractors need to work closely.  This course teaches you how the energy audit is completed.  You will learn how auditors develop their recommendations and have a better understanding of their processes for reviewing your weatherization work when it is completed.

Hands-On Field Lab
Hours: 10  |  Type: Distance / Online  |  More Details

    Become a Certified Weatherization Contractor today!

    imageContractors wishing to become certified to do weatherization jobs can complete their training online through Professional Home Inspection Institute.  Whether you work alone or have a team of contractors to certify in weatherization, we have the solution for you. Our interactive courses contain text, audio, videos, images and diagrams.  The courses involve students in the learning process and make learning fast and easy through the use of interactive flashcards, practice quizzes, and other interactive learning tools.